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  • How to “post sell”Top
  • How to “post sell”?

    a、Click the “post sell step1”under “ sell”。


    b、Click the “post sell” ,then enter the following page,please fill as the requirements:  must be filled , after then post it.


    The page of “post sell ”:

    c、Click the “manage product”under “Post sell”

    While enter the page ,choose the proudcts you need or  choose allin the back of the page, then chick  .

  • Frequently questions and techniques at “post sell”Top
  • Frequently questions and techniques at “post sell” :

     1. Title: Please fill the correct product name in order to search accurately by buyers. For example: radiator for VW

    2. Product Category options: There are three ways to choose: first you could enter the product name to choose; second you could choose buy manually;third you could go to the “manage product sort” to set the sort, more details please see the  “manage product sort” . The more corrective about your product sort ,the more chance for you to start your business.

    3. Keyword: There are three blank for you to fill the keywords.Generally speaking ,first the keyword for the product name, the second for the model, the third for their products type. For example: Sell BMW air filter ,the keywords is: air filter , BMW, filter or also could be filter, air filter, BMW.

    4. Supplier Selection: Please choose the accurately suppliers type in order to be clearly understand your company by suppliers.

    5. Picture: The size of picture upload should not exceed 200 KB, the format is jpg , you also could add your company watermark in the pictures.

    6. Template: The characters should be no more than 5000 , XLS or WORD is accepted, you could also adjusted the size by yourself.

    7. Please make a check whether your contact information is correct, if not, please click

  • How to check the “post sell”Top
  • Click the “manage sell” under “Post sell”,in the page you will check the sell information you post.:

    the answer above whether solve the problems?

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