From the OEMOL.COM ,I contact with the filter company ,and they took me to visit the company ,so professional and considerable, a very good friend  Detail
Mr. WALLAN[Saudi Arabia]
It 's my fifth time to send samples to ,it 's a good way to find auto parts factories from them , and the quality is OK  Detail
In Taipei, I find my best "" I find the HID and lamp I need  Detail
Mr.Bradley Reardon[Australia]
To find the high quality auto parts ,I always go to ,from them ,we purchase satisfy parts.  Detail
Mr.PATEL[United Kingdom]
For the increasing needs of auto quantity and types in Egypt, we can not always go to China, so we commissioned ' staff to help me find suppliers, we are appreciated for the best reply ,they are my good partners  Detail
When I need to search new auto parts ,I will enter , and every time ,I always find the satisfy ones  Detail
Mr. SHIFSA[United Arab Emirates]
I have been to China for 2 times, and give a sincerely reception to me each, from them we had several stable suppliers, which send goods to our company regularly.  Detail
Mr.YIM SARKUN[Cambodia]
The logo of  " OEM Factory & OEM Auto parts "attracted me very much in exhibition , it ' my third time to cooperate with  Detail
Mr.Aboulwahab[Libyan Arab Jamahiriya]
The services of certification by made me more satisfaction for we can know easily about the situation of the factories, now I perfer to do business with Chinese suppliers certificated by  Detail
I like the OE No. search on-line of Global auto parts sources , when I enter the No. it will display the auto parts and it 's suppliers, accurate, convenient, fast  Detail
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