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Drum/Disc Brake Front Axle Ass
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  • Place of origin:China Liaoning
  • Supply type:The product Manufacturer
  • Shipping deadline:Within 10 days
  • Release Date:2012-03-22
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     Product Information
    Product name:Drum/Disc Brake Front Axle Ass
     Price and packaging
    Products nameplate:Molded
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    Product brief:Drum/Disc Brake Front Axle Ass"y       
    Model       CH45F
    Nominal Load(Kg)       4200~4500
    Wheel Tread(mm)       2036(Drum Brake)2074(Disc Brake)
    Kingpin Inclination(°)       7°
    Caster Angle(°)       0°
    Kingpin Camber(°)       1°
    Kingpin Distance(mm)       1847(Drum Brake)1840.6(Disc Brake)
    Tie-in(mm)       0~5
    Max.Turning Angle(°)       Inner41°/Outer33°(Drum Brake)
           Inner40°/Outer31°Disc Brake)
    Drum Brake Spec.(mm*mm)       ∮400*130
    Disc Brake Spec.(mm*mm)       19.5"
    Axle Weight(Kg)       400(Drum Brake)420(Disc Brake)
    Matching Model       9~10.5M Bus

    CH45F Performance Features

    1.        Higher Generality meets Requirement of Mid Class Buss.
    2.        High Rigidity, Low Weight of Front Axle, Economic Fuel Consumption.
    3.        Bigger Inner Steering Angle, Excellent Maneuverability.
    4.        Adjustable Tie Rod makes flexible Toe-In available, Service Life of Tire prolonged.
    5.        Reasonable King Pin Incidence improved Steering Stabilization.
    6.        Optimized Outer Camber prolonged Service Life of Tire.
    7.        Most domestic Suspension Structure matchable.
    8.        Both domestic and abroad Disc Brakes optional.
    9.        Widened Shoe of Drum Brake suitable for various ASA.
    10.    Standard ABS enhanced Vehicle Stabilization and Controllability.
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