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Electrical Wheelchair Ramps for Low-Floor Buses
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  • Place of origin:China 
  • Supply type:The product Manufacturer
  • Shipping deadline:Within 10 days
  • Release Date:2013-01-05
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     Product Information
    Product name:Electrical Wheelchair Ramps for Low-Floor Buses
     Price and packaging
    Products nameplate:Molded
     Added information products
    Adapter model:Low-Floor Buses
    Product brief:The Electrical Bridgeplate Ramp System provides a ramp that assists the boarding and disembarkation for the passengers using wheelchairs or pushchairs.

    Input Voltage: 24Vdc
    Operation: Electrical Motor
    Power Consumption: 100W
    Time to Deploy: 3 Seconds
    Time to Retreat: 3 Seconds
    Maximum Loading: 300 kg
    System Weight: 45 kg
    Ramp Dimension(Width* Length): 1000 mm*800 mm

    The design criteria set forth were:
    To provide easy access for handicap persons to a public transportation vehicle.
    To provide a unit that is fully synchronized and interlocked with the operation of the door system.
    To provide an obstacle detection system during the extension of the ramp that will cause the ramp to automatically retract.
    To provide and obstacle detection system that will automatically stop the ramp if load is present on the ramp during retraction.
    Manual Ramp is still available.
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