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[Buying] Buy Screw nut[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-19
Dear sirs, We are in need of Screw nut ,quantity 50 pcs OE A9709900150 Any detail pls see the photo and contact me 2320855993@qq.com tha...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy tensioner pulley OE 66195 [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-12
Dear sirs We are in need of the tensioner pulley  OE 66195 If you have this one ,pls contact me 2320855993@qq.com thanks Amy...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy jockey pulley OE 66045 [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-11
Dear Sirs we are in need of the jockey pulley OE 66045 If you have this one ,pls contact me 2320855993@qq.com thanks Amy...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy FH12 Tank[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-08
Dear sirs We just need pieces of FH12 Tanks and the detail you can see the photo If you have this one,free contact me 2320855993@qq.com ...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy Fuel pump 9 580 234 005[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-07-31
Dear Sir or Madam, Pls quote the 9 580 234 005, 10pcs! Pls quote the delivery time as well! We are looking forward to your prompt repl...
Location: China
[Buying] Supply extension pole with gooseneck,carbon composite telescopic pole      2015-07-08
Supply telescopic extension pole with gooseneck,carbon composite telescopic pole Weihai Xinbo composite products Co.,Ltd .is a professional ...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy rubber gasket[Photo]  特约求购信息    2015-04-23
Location: China
[Buying] Buy Alien stamping[Photo]  特约求购信息    2015-04-21
Location: China
[Buying] Buy Optical axis[Photo]  特约求购信息    2015-04-21
Location: China
[Buying] Buy gear[Photo]  特约求购信息    2015-04-21
Location: China
[Buying] Buy body[Photo]  特约求购信息    2015-04-21
Location: China
[Buying] Buy O-ring[Photo]      2015-01-15
07000-10823      100702-16-53920     100723-46-17530     50702-2L-55430&n...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy BRAKE PUMP FOR MAZDA[Photo]      2014-12-24
hello, check the list please, and contact me if you can provide it. BRAKE &nbs...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy brake pump for Nissan[Photo]      2014-12-24
hello, check the list please, and contact me if you can provide it. BRAKE  WHEEL CYLINDER FR NISSAN Z24...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy tail light for Toyota from Zhongshan[Photo]      2014-12-22
I want to order the tail light, oe 81550-29845 left and right, with the freight to Zhongshan, how much would it be?...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy clutch from Anhui[Photo]      2014-11-05
hey, contact me if you can provide the clutchs in following list with MOQ 41200-7F20041100-8A150 41420-8A100   41600-8c000 ...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy air horn for Skoda from China[Photo]      2014-09-24
guys, I need the air horn for 1000 pieces. the OE number: 1K0951221A best regards Kevin...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy intercooler for Benz[Photo]      2014-09-16
OE6735010101 contact me if you can provide it with MOQ. looking forward to your early reply.  ...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy Tensioner for Nissan from Guangzhou[Photo]      2014-08-21
  I'd like to order the tensioner for Nissan, quantity 500pcs. OE 13070-4E102 Ms. Wu...
Location: China
[Buying] Buy clutch plate from Guangzhou[Photo]      2014-08-13
hello, this is Liang from Guangzhou, I'd like to order the clutch plate, the OE number is 22300-P2Y-005 if you can provide it, please con...
Location: China
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