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[Buying] Buy bosch J1R24X10h7623 [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2016-04-08
bosch J1R24X10h7623 OE:0001602002...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Torsion Damper Clutch[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-28
Dear sirs WE are IN NEED OF Torsion Damper Clutch OE 1866 135 001 Quantity:1 pcs product details pls see the photo Note This products a...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy renault valeo clutch slave cylinder [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-24
Dear Sirs We are in need of the renault valeo clutch slave cylinder for 2009 t31 nissan xtrail diesel, manual OE 804544 Quantity:1 Prod...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Diaphragm Brake Cylinder[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-22
Dear sirs, We are in need of the Diaphragm Brake Cylinder. Quantity :10 Pieces OE: 423 008 916 0 About the product pls see the photo. N...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Lambda Sensor Part [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-14
Dear Sirs, We are in need of the Lambda Sensor Part OE 0 258 986 697 Any detail pls contact me 2320855993@qq.com Thanks Amy...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Thermostat OE 06A121111 [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-08-11
Dear sirs We are in need of the Thermostat,pls certain youcan ship to  Miami Florida USA OE is  06A121111 If you have this on...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy starter [Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-07-16
Buy starter OE:943241055010 If you can supply, pls contact me Thanks Amy...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy control arms for dodge trucks from U.S.[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2015-01-22
Hello Please quote the following control arms for dodge trucks. Please quote all parts&n...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy water pump for Komatsu from USA[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2014-11-25
Gentlemen, Iam interesting thos part Komatsu water pump # 123900-42100   please send me price and stock, is for export to ...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy fuel pump from USA[Photo]      2014-08-15
hey, I need the product in piture, the quantity is 5000pcs. contact me if you can provide it. Ms. Ruan...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy large mirrors[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2014-06-21
  quantity 1000...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy medium actuator[Photo]  特约求购信息  推荐求购信息  2014-06-21
  quantity 1000pcs  ...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy headlight for chevrolet[Photo]      2014-05-30
OE 15207138 quantity 20000pcs 联系QQ1083543702...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy headlamps[Photo]      2014-04-25
OEFO2503217FO25022176C3Z13008BB6C3Z13008AB2C3Z13008AB 2C3Z13008AA Quantity 500~1000pcs...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy control arms Control Arm for CHRYSLER[Photo]      2014-03-22
Hi Please send your product list special the control arm list. Please quote 100 pairs control arms Control Arm for CHRYSLER 52059039 upper...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy corner light[Photo]      2014-03-10
Hello! Im interested in the Corner lights212-15D8R-A21215D8RA (TOYOTA) Do you ship to the USA? To Miami FL....
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Slave Cylinder[Photo]    推荐求购信息  2013-12-30
Good day, I need sleeve cylinders, OE NO.15002665. If you're the supplier, please contact me. Regards...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Ignition Coil[Photo]    推荐求购信息  2013-12-28
We need ignition coil, part no. 3w7z12029aa. Would like best BULK price, 1000 pcs CIF NEW YORK RFQ purchase could extend up to 12 months.&n...
Location: United States
[Buying] Buy Ignition Coil[Photo]    推荐求购信息  2013-12-27
Good day, I'm looking for ignition coil, OE NO. 10457730. If you're the supplier, please contact me. Thank you....
Location: United States
no photo
[Buying] Buy Wiper Motor    推荐求购信息  2013-12-27
We are looking for a supplier for a wiper motor to replace, Bosch 09086337401. Need up to 1500 pieces in  60 days' period. Please co...
Location: United States
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