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Supply Shock absorber for Toyota OE:48530-22160
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  • Place of origin:China Zhejiang
  • MOQ:
  • Delivery Time:10 days
  • Product details
    Product name:Shock absorber for Toyota OE:48530-22160
    Packaging products unit:1
    Products nameplate:Molded
    OEM #:48530-22160 48530-29245
    Other No:KYB:341308
    Car type:92/10~96/08 TOYOTA CRESSIDA
    Place:Zhejiang Yuhuan
    Detail:Position&Direction:REAR MODE:GX90,JZX90,LX90,SX90 OIL OR GAS:GAS Shape:TUO PANG SHI
    FOB Price:--   

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