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The 7th China International Auto Supplies Sourcing Fair2009-8-17 ~ 2009-8-19
Fast Facts
Event Date (s):  2009-8-17 ~ 2009-8-19
Hours: 8:00- 14:00 pm
deadline application:  2009-8-1
Venue:  Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre
Address:   China
few stalls: 531
No. of Attendees: 65210
Approved units:  
Organizers:  Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Company
support Sponsor:  
About Event
 Exhibit Scope 1.Auto Interior& Exterior Floor mats & rugs, Covers-steering wheels, Air discharges, Walnut decorators, Window films, Tissue boxes, Cell phone holders, Glasses racks, Thermostats, Locks-accessory, Cigarette lighters, Gauges-tem-perature, Sunroofs, Gauges-air pressure, Back cushions, Headrests, Seat covers, Window blinds\Curtains\Shades, Static belts, Wheel covers, Antibump glues, License plate frames, Sun-rain roofs, Covers-fifth wheels, Headlight assemblies, Windshield wiper blades, Anti skid 2.Auto Customization Glass lift kits, Vanes ,Tires, Wheels, Safety belts, Wind vanes, seat-custom, Child safety seats accessories, Bumper guards, Rack & pinion assemblies, Convertible tops, Exhaust pipes, Carriers & cargo racks, Mufflers, Shock absorbers\struts, Soundproof materials, Speakers, Splash guards, Windshield wiper blades, Door wrists, Nerf bars\side bars, Lighting-driving & fog lamps, Lighting-high mounted stop, Lighting-off-road specialty, Lighting-vehicle interior, Shock absorbers, Springs, Brake plates 3.Car Care: Waxes, Glazing, Compounds, Cleaners, Polishing materials, Car washing compounds, Defoggers, Glass repairs, Paints additives, automotive Freon oil protectants-rub,antiseptics,Fuel injector cleaners, antifreezes, coolants, Brake fluids, starting fluids, water tank sealants, low temperature starters, adhesives, lubricants,additives,lubricants,rustproofings, 4.Auto Electronics & Appliances Electronic components, Modules, Recording devices, Back-draft radar, Brake parts, ABS control, Electricity-control suspension refrigerators, Inverter power supplies, Vacuum cleaners, Car washer, Keep-fit massagers 5.Video and Audio Car acoustics, Televisions, DVD players, CD players, MP3 players, Tape players, Car speaker box, Car amplifications, Car audios, Decoders, Equalizers, Speakers, Receivers 6. Auto Environment-friendly Oxygen bars, Air cleaner assembly, Deodorants, Air fresheners, Odor absorber, Effective easy everlastings\photo catalysts, Perfumes, Incense machines, Incense oils, Reflectors-safety(Anti-glare visor), 7. Safety and Anti-theft Anti-theft alarm systems, Cameras, Central control lock, Tire locks\interior, Door locks\Keyless entry, Radar speed testers, Gauges-tire pressure, Rearview systems, Bumpers, Navigation systems 8. Telecommunication Hands free, GPS, Car computers, Mobile phones, Walkie-Talkie 9. Outdoor Awnings\Tents, Sunroofs, Saddle, Carriers&cargo racks, Inflators-tire, Toolboxes, First-aid kits, Foldable tables, Foldable beds, Foldable chairs, Sleeping bags, Compasses 10.Custom Cars Refitted automobiles: race car and high-grade racing car pure sports-type refitting, race care goods,heavy-duty locomotive; Refitment for beauty, performance and utility of ordinary car; RV car refitting, RV and four-wheel-drive cross-country car refitting; Beach wagon, Police Car, medical vehicle, environmental health vehicle, driving school training vehicle, postal car, cash-in-transit Vehicle, mobile machinery shop, refrigerator car, insulated van, fire engine, breakdown vehicle, Amphibious Vehicle, Individuality modify cars (Power refitting, Acoustic refitting). Booth and Expenses Standard Booth: 3×3=9 square meter Total price: USD 2,500.00/Booth Notes: A: Each standard booth (3*3=9 square meter.) is equipped with: 1.Carpet 2.Company Name logo in both Chinese and English version 3.Booth number 4.Two Long-arm Spot lights 5.One negotiation Table 6.Two folding chairs 7.One 220V power socket 8.Clapboard: Height 250cm, height for use is 246cm B.(20% surcharge is levied for a two-sides open booth)
Exhibitors range
 Automobiles & Motorcycles
auto accessories
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Show Organizer Information
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Company
Contacts:  MR/MS
Tel:  86 - 21 - 51527671 Fax:  86 - 21 - 51527309
Mobile:   Postcode:  
Address:  Shanghai
E-mail:   Website:  
Disclaimer: Please confirm dates and venues with organizers before attending shows.
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