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The 4th China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE)2011-9-8 ~ 2011-9-10
Fast Facts
Event Date (s):  2011-9-8 ~ 2011-9-10
Hours: 9:00-17:00
deadline application:  2011-9-8
Venue:  China International Exhibition Center (old venue), Beijing
Address:   Chinabeijing
No. of Attendees: 47950
Approved units:  
Organizers:  Government Circular
support Sponsor:  
About Event
 The automotive industry is one of the industries having the highest level of internationalization in the world. In todays economic globalization, enterprises need to adapt a global perspective, focus on global resources and market and participate in international division and competition for their survival and development.

Facing the global financial crisis, the Chinese government releases the new stimulus package for automotive readjustment and advancement which says as the following eight measures: cultivating auto consuming market, promoting auto industry reshuffle, supporting self innovation and technical improvement, conducting new energy strategy, backing up domestic brand, carrying out the strategy of auto products export, developing modern auto services etc.

To promote communication and cooperation in the international automotive industry as well as to strengthen self-innovation abilities of automobile and auto parts enterprises and to upgrade their international competitiveness, Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China decides to hold China International Auto Parts Expo annually.

As an important platform for the communication and cooperation in the international automotive industry, CIAPE will promote Chinas auto parts industry to participate in global competition and cooperation, deepen international division, optimize the supply chains, thus will play a positive role in the development of the world’s automotive industry.

Exhibitors range
 1.Auto Parts
Engine system, chassis system, body and parts system, electronic system, etc;
2.Advanced manufacturing equipment and key technologies
3.New Energy Vehicles and related system components
Whole vehicles, electric machine, electric control, and battery
4.Car Care and Maintenance Equipment and Products
Repairing, testing and diagnosis equipment, cleansing and maintaining devices, lubricating oil, wax and detergents, etc;
5.Car Tuning Equipment and Products;
Tuning cars, special equipment, wheel, audio players, satellite navigation, interior and exterior ornaments, etc; 6.Auto Materials and General Components
7.Auto Industry Related Media, Certification Organization, Finance, Insurance and Clubs, etc;
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